Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cyproterone acetate for prostate cancer

Cyproterone acetate is used to treat prostate cancer. It belongsto a group of medications known as steroidal antiandrogens. This medication works by blocking the effect of the hormone called testosterone, thus decreasing its production in the testicles. Testosterone is required by cancer cells to grow. This medicine thus halts the hormone which in turn stops the cancer cells to grow further. 

Cyproterone is widely used by doctors to treat their patients of prostate cancer. It is used along with other hormonal treatments, such as goserelin, buserelin, triptorelin or leuprorelin. You can take this medicine after confirming about the disease by visiting your doctor. Refer your doctor and discuss about your medical history and the current prescriptions of yours. Your doctor will suggest you the proper strength and dosage of this medicine as needed for your body. You should avoid this medicine, if you are allergic to cyproterone or any other constituent of this medicine. Do not take the medicine, if you have liver disease or reduced liver function or reduced kidney function. 

Cyproterone may cause weakness and fatigue when you start taking it. But after a period of three months, your body will adapt it and the effects will reduce automatically. Generally, this medicine is taken three time a day along with full glass of water. Always take the tablet after taking your meal. However, you must follow the instructions of your doctor for the dosage of this medicine.

Side effects:
Some of the side effects as experienced by the patients are listed below:
·         clumsiness
·         hair loss
·         impotence
·         inability to move legs or arms
·         increase in bowel movements and loose stools
·         increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight
·         loss of strength or energy
·         reduced sexual interest
·         skin bleeding, blistering, coldness, or discoloration
·         swelling of the breasts or breast soreness
·         unusual increase in hair growth
·         weight gain
If you face extreme reactions then call for an emergency or contact your doctor immediately for help. 

Warnings & Precautions:

·         This medicine is not recommended for children and pregnant ladies.
·         Do not consume alcohol while you are on Cyproterone. Alcohol may reduce the effect of the medicine.
·         Patients who have had history of depression must share with their doctor. This medicine may bring back incidence of depressive mood changes, especially at the start of the therapy.
·         This medicine may shoot up your sugar levels.
·         Be cautious if you have heart, liver and kidney diseases.
·         Nursing mothers should not use this medicine.
You can buy Cyproterone to combat prostate cancer after getting a go ahead from your doctor. This medicine can be ordered online as it is available at a discounted price. Highly effective and safe to use, this medicine has shown positive results in the patients suffering from advanced prostate cancer. After buying the medicine, consume it as per the instructions of doctor without missing any dose. Please make sure to store the medicine in a cool & dry place and away from the reach of the children. Do not expose it to heat, moisture and dampness.

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