Saturday, 1 July 2017

Want gorgeous eyelashes like actresses???? Use Careprost plus

Every girl wants to look pretty and beautiful. The word beautiful always considers beauty of eyes which cannot be completed without lengthy eyelashes. Lengthy and heavy eyelashes aid four starts in eye’s beauty.  Beautiful eyelashes are god’s precious gift.  Eyelashes can be made stuffy and curly with cosmetics but these costs money and time. For natural growth of eyelashes one should use Careprost plus. Careprost plus is an FDA approved quality product for providing gorgeous eyelashes.

Careprost plus contains two medicines Bimatoprost and Timolol. Bimatoprost being prostaglandin derivative augments follicle’s growth. It binds to prostaglandins receptors and stimulates them. It increases the time period for which hair follicle remains in growth period and decreases the resting time of hair follicle; grow heavier, darker and lustrous eyelashes.

v       Careprost plus always used after complete washing and drying of eyes.
v       Also Wash your hands before applying Careprost plus.
v      Take small portion of the solution on the brush and apply it from the inner part of lash line to outer part of eyelash line.
v      Take out contact out before using contact lens. Wipe out the extra drop with a help of dry tissue.
v       Use this product for 14-16 weeks regularly for best results.

Contraindications and warnings:
·         Pregnant women and lactating women should not use Careprost plus.
·          In case of any eye surgery, eye inflammation, do not use bimatoprost.
·          Patients of renal and kidney should avoid use of bimatoprost.
·         If you have from bimatoprost or other ingredient, avoid using bimatoprost.
·         In case  if you have any viral eye infection, stop using bimatoprost some time and consult from doctor before restarting this product.
·         Do not drive after administration of Careprost plus.

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