Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Use Bimatoprost and enjoy long, dark and heavy eyelashes

We should value our eyelashes as we do for our eyes because eyelashes are important for protection of eyes. Eyelashes protect our eyes from dust particles, bacteria, excess of heat by creating a barrier between eyes and the outer world’s environment. They perform a blinking function when any object seems to be very close to our eyes and also they aids gorgeous and beautiful looks to eyes. When a person complaints about insufficient growth of eyelashes or continuously falling of eyelashes, this medical occurrence is known as Hypotrichosis of lash hairs.   Bimatoprost helps you to make your eyes more impressive by increasing eyelashes growth.
Bimatoprost can also be sold under name of Careprost.
Medical Treatment of hypotrichosis:  very less medicines are available for treatment of shorten eyelashes. Bimatoprost (0.03%) has gained name for the treatment of hypotrichosis. Bimatoprost serum is a innovative formula for making lash hairs thick, heavy and dark. Previously bimatoprost was used for decreasing intra ocular pressure.

 FDA approved Bimatoprost is a best quality ophthalmic product belongs to the class of Prostaglandin derivative. Progesterone is involved in the growth cycle of hair follicles. At the time of growth phase of hair follicle (anagen phase), bimatoprost stimulates hair follicles for their better growth and development by binding to the progesterone receptor. It also increases the time period of anagen phase of hair follicles.

Stepwise method to use bimatoprost:
a)     Bimatoprost comes with a brush or applicator.
b)    Always use that brush or applicator which comes in the packet of bimatoprost and always clean it properly before using.
c)     Wash your hand and face properly. Always apply this product after drying your eyes. Contact lenses should also be removed before applying bimatoprost.
d)    Put a drop on the applicator and apply it on the upper eyelid smoothly in one stroke. Apply this product in the other eye in same way and close your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
e)     Always remove excess of falling of product with tissue paper.
f)      Best time to use this product is night so that it can better absorb in eyes. Never use bimatoprost in lower eyelid.
g)    Results will come after 2-3 weeks.  Reduce the dose after getting desired lash hair length. 

Contraindications of Bimatoprost:
·        It should not be used in combination of other ophthalmic preparation unless suggested by doctor.
·        If the user is over sensitive to Bimatoprost, then she should avoid it.
·        Bimatoprost can cause unwanted hair growth if it comes in contact with other parts: always take precautions for using it.
·         Feeding and pregnant ladies should avoid using bimatoprost.
 Headache, itching in eyes, dizziness, pigmentation around the eyelid, inflammation are common side effects of Bimatoprost.
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