Saturday, 22 July 2017

Use Accutane for pimple free, silky and shiny skin

Hormonal changes at the age of puberty come with undesired problems of acnes in 90% of teenagers. Acnes in that age are considered to be super most enemy of beautiful skin. Therefore young ones waste their time in seeking of treatment of acnes and scars. Most of the cosmetic products seem to be ineffective while treating pimples. While looking for anti acne agent, use Accutane atleast one time and realize its results. 
Accutane is the most reliable and genuine formula which fights with acnes, pimples and other skin problems to provide beautiful flawless skin. Tritinoin is master ingredient of Accutane which improves skin tone by removing acnes. It’s a retinoid derivative which works by opening the blocked pores. Generally blockage of pores with oil and dust is main cause of acnes therefore for removal of acnes it is mandatory to open these pores and softening or removal of dead skin cells. It also exfoliates skin cells which are present in outer layer.

¨   Firstly clean and dry your skin before applying this cream.
¨   Take small amount of cream on your palm and apply on the affected area and also on its surroundings with soft hands.
¨   Do not wash or clean your face for one hour of applying this cream.
¨   For better outcomes apply Accutane before going for sleep. This cream should be used one time in three days.
¨   Avoid getting this cream into eyes, nose and mouth.

Users of Accutane complain about itching, burning sensation, patching, redness etc during use of this product.

§  Avoid use of this medicament in case of allergy to tretinoin or other inactive drug component.
§  Always use sunscreens while going outside as use of Retino-a-cream makes your skin sensitive to sunlight.
§  Lactating and pregnant woman should not apply Accutane during this period.
§  Do not use sunburn cream, skin whitener cream, with concomitant use ofAccutane.

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