Friday, 28 July 2017

Unbeatable treatment of infertility is HUCOG 5000IU

Rate of infertility is increasing day by day. Plenty of couple is looking for safest treatment of infertility. After long period of unprotected sex, if a couple is not able to become parent is known as infertility. This can affect male, female or both. Various factors which make man infertile are hormonal imbalance, low sperm count, excessive smoking and drinking, genetic issues, stress etc. Female infertility can be due to damaged fallopian tube, abnormal uterus, hormonal imbalance, amenorrhea, cervical causes, endometriosis etc.

Medical treatment of infertility:
If you are not able take your generation forward by natural means then you can use Hucog 5000 IU. Hucog being a superlative treatment of infertility expels infertility symptoms out from your body and increases the chances of fertility in you. Hucog is widely used formula for those who want to become parent.  HCG (Human gonadotrophic hormone) is mainly contained within Hucog formulation. Human gonadotrophic hormone is derived from urine of pregnant woman.

How does HUCOG works:

HCG increases the production of eggs in sufficient amount from the ovaries. It stimulates division of luteinizing hormone (LH) that is also responsible for ovarian follicles maturation which further enhances the release of the eggs in women. 

In males, where infertility is due to low sperm count caused by low levels of testosterone, it supports production of testosterone hormone to improve their sperm count for treating their condition. This way it helps in improvement of inappropriate functioning of gonadotrophic pituitary gland called delayed puberty. 

Mode of intake:
Male patients have to take 2-3 injection of Hucog in one week. Injection can be taken via intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Female patients should take one injection of Hucog for one day and after that they are advised to use menotropins.

Warnings and unwanted effects:

Alcohol intake must be avoided during treatment with HUCOG.

Hucog treatment is not recommended for lactating mothers.

Maintain hygiene and avoid contamination by using fresh syringe always.

It should not be taken in combination with other injection
If the patients has allergy from HCG, should not use Hucog.

Abnormal  weight gain, pelvic pain, breast enlargement, skin allergy, nausea, headache, pain in stomach, pain at injection site, disturbances in sleep, dizziness and depression, vomiting feeling are main harmful effects of Hucog .

Doesn’t waste time buy Hucog 5000 IU online on cheap prices and give a chance to yourself to be parent.

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