Monday, 3 July 2017

Ultram is used to expel all pains from body in couple of minutes

Hello guys I am sandy writing my own experience about skeltomuscle pain. My uncle had an accident last year, and he was recognized with arm fracture so hospitalized for few weeks. After discharge he was complaining off muscle pain and stretching problem. We use to give massage with oil and also apply some topical creams. But we are not getting any fruitful results from doing all these. We took him to doctor and doctor asked to use ultram for his stretching pain. He took medicine and within half an hour of taking pill, his get relaxed from his pain. Muscle relaxant effects of Ultram were unbelievable. 

Ultram is an oral formulation which is used to remove pain from mild to moderate intensity. Its active component is tramadol hydrochloride which is a synthetic opioid because it is derived from opium poppy plant. It gives relax from muscle pain by altering the pain mechanism At the time of pain a signal passes from site of pain to brain to convey about pain stimuli to brain. Tramadol blocks that signal from communicating pain to the brain resulting in the pain management. It acts on the ยต opioid receptor.  

Treatment with Ultram should be started with lower dose i.e.25 mg per day and then gradually increased to 100 mg per day by increasing 25 mg dose per day. Doses more than 450 mg in one day can cause serious health problems, including seizures and serotonin syndrome. It should be taken with water. The next dose is taken after 4-6 hours. It will start showing its effects after 30 minutes.

 Some harmful effects on can feel after taking ultram are Nausea, vomiting, itching, headache, diarrhoea, restlessness, chest pain etc.

 Precautionary points:
§  Avoid use of Ultram, In case of sensitivity from tramadol.
§  Driving should be avoided just after consumption of drug.
§  This is not recommended in case of liver, kidney function disorders.
§   In early pregnancy, do not use ultram without consulting from physician.
§    Ultram is not meant for paedriatic use;

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