Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Suhagra pills--Boon for impotents

Impotency is very common these days. Around 1/3rd of population is struggling with erection disorders. Man with erection disorders finds inability to maintain erection for enough time at the time of sex. This becomes a reason of frustration and anger. Erection trouble spoils life of many in several ways. Very few partners understand this problem and genuinely try to solve that. The problem is not so big but lack of knowledge makes it bigger issue.

 Suhagra pills are first shot treatment for improving the symptoms of impotency. Men regain their energy by use of these pills. Suhagra is like Viagra is a super magical drug which will surely accomplish its promise to obtain and maintain hard erection for long time. Cenforce, tadagra, valif are also can be used pills for the same purpose. 

How Suhagra pills works:  Sildenafil citrate present in the drug is responsible for its therapeutic activity. It’s a PDE5 enzyme inhibitor. This enzyme degrades cGMP level so that it will not be able to triggers nitric oxide release. Release of nitric oxide is mandatory for regulation of blood flow to the penile organ as it produces dilation of arteries. Inhibition of PDE5 blocks its cGMP degrading functions and no hindrance with release of nitric oxide during erection. Both these conditions are favorable for hard erection for sufficient time.

How to take:   Suhagra 100 mg is taken with a glass of water. Tablet should be consumed 30-40 minutes prior to physical relationships. It will start showing its effects after 30 minutes and these effects lasts for 4-5 hours. Maximum tolerated dose is 400mg. do not consume more than one pill in same day.

Precautions and warnings:
o   Avoid use of alcohol and cigarette during this treatment.
o   If user has allergy with sildenafil or other component of Suhagra, should avoid use of this product.
o   Avoid use of fat rich diet and products of grape fruits.

o   Blur vision, dizziness, chest pain and tightness, headache, vertigo, flushing are some noxious effects expected in the users of Suhagra.

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