Friday, 7 July 2017

Restore your hairs with regular use of rogaine

Problem: Hair loss is a very common problem of individuals of every age.  And obviously, one feels bad about hair fall. Rising pollution and toxic air, dietary changes, hormonal imbalance are some causes of excessive hair fall. According to hair experts, we lose 50-100 strands of hair strands every day. This figure is normal but the problem arises when a person experience hair fall more than 50-100. 

Solution: There are some treatments that can stop your hair loss trend and bring back good volume of hairs. Rogaine is the best solution which offers healthy hair growth. Rogaine contains minoxidil which is FDA approved topical solution. 2% minoxidil has got approval for hair fall in men in 1988 and for women in 1992.  

Minoxidil is the key ingredient of rogaine which helps in hair growth. Minoxidil acts as a vasodilator which improves hair growth by dilating blood vessels of scalp and thus it I improve blood flow to the affected area which is required for growth of hair follicles. It also stimulates shrunken hair follicles to regenerate.

 Rogaine should always be applied on completely dry scalp. It is applied in zig- zag pattern starting from the center of the head, to the affected area. Gently massage it on affected area. It should be kept for 4 hours because medicine should be completely absorbed in the skin. Do not shampoo for atleast 4 hours. It should be applied for 2-3 times in a week. Results can be expected after regular using of 45 days.

Hazy vision, chest pain, fainting, unusual weight gain, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, lightheadedness, numbness, swelling of face, hands are mild side effects of rogaine. Immediately stop the treatment if any of these side effects becomes chronic.
§   Rogaine is a topical product so never ingest it.
§  If user have allergy from minoxidil, do not use rogaine.
§  Rogaine should be applied only as per doctor direction to avoid side effects.
§  Do not apply this product on total bald area.
§    Pregnant and lactating women should not try this product.
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