Thursday, 6 July 2017

Perfect treatment of unwanted pregnancy….mtp kit

MTP kit is sore sought solution to conclude unplanned pregnancy of less than 83 days. It is preferred over other methods to terminate pregnancy as it is cheaper, easier to use and provide privacy to a woman who want to abort their kid without knowing anyone.

MTP kit contains two generic medicaments: mifepristone and misoprostol. This combination of medications performs abortion effectively. Mifepristone is an anti progesterone drug which inhibits actions of progesterone. At the time of pregnancy, progesterone helps in growth of embryo by thickening of endometrium wall. Fetus is protected by this wall and gets nutrition through this. When mifepristone binds to progesterone receptors it antagonizes its functions; softening of uterine wall and finally shedding so that fetus cannot survive.

Misoprostol takes this process further by inducing contractions in the womb. So that it could expel the fetus out of it. 

Total five pills are contained in one pack of MTP kit. Start the abortion process by taking one pill of mifepristone (200mg) on first day. Within 48-72 hour of consumption of first drug take 4 tablets of misoprostol (200mcg) either orally or intravaginally. Bleeding will start within 2-3 hours. Patient is advised to consult to doctor on 14th of treatment. She should go for ultrasonography to take confirmation of complete removal of pregnancy tissues.

Ø Do not consume these pills in case of oversensitivity from mifepristone or misoprostol.
Ø Avoid hard physical work for some days after abortion.
Ø To get early recovery after abortion, include more nutrients in your regular diet.
Ø No physical activity should be done for some days after abortion.
Ø Maximum precaution should be taken when MTP kit is used by girls of under age of 18 and woman in age of more than 35.

Noxious effects:  Vaginal inflammation, Painful abdominal cramps, sleeps disturbances, nausea, flushing, heavy and painful bleeding are noxious effects of MTP kit.

So keep your worries of unwanted pregnancy away and buy quality approved Mtp kit online from this website at your satisfactory rates.

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