Wednesday, 5 July 2017

No more tensions about impotency Use Filagra 100mg

Impotency means when a man finds difficulty in achieving hard erection till climax of sensual love. This problem is very genuine and common if it comes after age of 45 but if it affects man of young and adult age then it is considered as a big issue and requires solution. As firm erection is mandatory for being together in bed so the problem of erection trouble needs attention. Solutions are many but the most important thing is selection of appropriate solution. 

If you are also getting a bit confused about the choice of perfect solution, then use Filagra to get rid of all your problems. Filagra is a method of choice for reducing signs and symptoms of impotency. Filagra is a cost effective and most effective way to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunctioning.

Filagra contains sildenafil citrate as the main chemical constituent. Sildenafil is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme. This enzyme decreases cGMP level by breaking it and for normal erection mechanism, cGMP level should be more. Sildenafil degrades this enzyme and ultimately raises concentration of cGMP which causes blood vessels dilation and maintains proper blood flow in the male penile area. This way it is helpful in maintaining a sturdy erection for enough time at the time of sensual love making.

Consume one pill of Filagra with sufficient water before 40 minutes starting intercourse. One pill is sufficient for a day. It shows its effects for 4-6 hours. A gap of 24 should be maintained between two consecutive doses of Filagra.
§     If you're taking nitrates, like Isosorbide, Nitroglycerin to treat angina or chest pain, then avoid the use of Filagra 100mg.

§     Male patients under age of 18 should maintain distance from this product.
§     Avoid grape fruits products and fat containing diet while using this product.
§     In case of oversensitivity towards sildenafil, do not use Filagra.
§     After ingestion of Filagra, driving should be avoided.

Chest pain, headache, pain in back, blur vision, runny nose, dizziness, muscle are unwanted effects of Filagra.
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