Friday, 28 July 2017

Love your skin with Cleocin-T-gel…anti acne agent

Want soft and shiny skin like diva?? But acnes don’t allow your skin to glow.  Have you ever tried Cleocin-t-gel for removing your scars and black spots?  If no then you are missing a wonder product which takes care of your skin better than you. We suggest you to give a chance to Cleocin-t-gel atleast once to make your skin softy and smoothie.

Cleocin-t-gel is a latest approach in field of anti-acne agents. It contains clindamycin which is a dynamic component of cleocin-t-gel that belongs to a class of lincomycin anti infection agents. Clindamycin removes pimples by inhibiting growth of bacteria that cause acnes. Generally acnes develop due to the accumulation of oil, dust and bacteria in pores that are present under skin. Clindamycin stops growth and development of these bacteria and sometimes kills them. It also reduces amount of irritating fatty acid contents in the skin.  
Stepwise instructions to use Cleocin-t-gel:

         i.            First of all wash and dry your hands and face properly before applying any product.
       ii.            Always apply this gel on complete dry area. Take a pinch of this gel on the palm and gently message on effected area and its surrounding area.

      iii.            Do not wash this area for atleast one hour. And try to avoid contact of this gel with nose, mouth and eyes.
     iv.            Wash your hands properly after applying this product. Use cleocin-t-gel twice a day for good results.
       v.            Always use this product at same time everyday for maximum effects.

Softy stools, oily skin, rashes, itching, redness on skin, breathing problems are known harmful effects of Cleocin-T-gel.

Contraindications and warnings:

Pregnant and lactating moms should not apply this gel.
If user have shows allergic symptoms after applying this product, she should not use cleocin-T-gel because her skin is sensitive from clindamycin.
Do not use cleocin-t-gel with combination of other anti scar product.
Do not discontinue treatment with cleocin-t-gel it can produce resistance. So complete the prescribed course of product.

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