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Get a crystal clear skin by Retino-a-cream

Millions of people around the world are fighting with skin problems example pimples, acnes, dark spots, black heads, and white heads, these days. 80% of these skin problems affect adolescent and teenagers because of hormonal changes but now a day’s skin problems are more common and affects people in the age of 35. Acnes develop when pores present under the upper layer of skin blocked with oil, dust particles, dirt and bacteria.

Treatment of acnes:  
There are variety of cosmetics products are available in the market for removing acne scars like Persagel, stridex, Clearasil. Retino-a –cream is the most promising anti scar agent who is made with the intention of not only removing the scars but will also make your skin tone perfect. Retino-a-cream is a retinoid (vitamin-A) analogue. It also prevents skin aging symptoms.
Papaya, potato juice, aloevera, apple cider vinegar and lemon are some suggested home remedies for the treatment of acnes.  

How Retino-a-cream is active against acne:
Tretinoin is the active constituent of Retino A Cream which works by opening the blocked pores resulting in clearing out the old skin cells. It augments working of the natural oil producing gland. It softens the dead skin cells and increase reproduction of the skin cells. By doing so, Retino-A Cream also helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and can even fade facial dark spots. 

Recommended Way of application:
 Make sure that your hands are properly clean and also dry before applying this cream. Take small amount of cream on your palm and gently massage on the affected area and also on its surroundings.  Wait for atleast one hour of applying the medication. You can wash your face after one hour. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, and mouth and also open wounds. This product should be used once every three days.

 Various dosage forms of Retino-a-cream are gel form, microsphere gel. Retino-a-cream is available in concentration of 0 .025%-0.5%

Burning sensation, lightening of skin of treated area, peeling or redness of skin, unusual dryness of skin, tingling and itching can be seen with the use of Retino-a-cream.

Precautions used while using Retino-a-cream:

ü  Do not apply Retino-a-cream if you are pregnant or breast feeding woman.
ü  Oversensitivity to Tritinoin can be harmful so in cannot be used in case of allergy.
ü  This product makes your skin more sensitive so protect from frequent exposure from sunlight.
ü  This product is made for topical use; never take it from other route.
ü  Do not combine this cream with benzyl chlorides.
ü  Please keep this medication away from children.
ü  Avoid using other topical applications while using Retino-a-cream.

Retino-a- cream is widely used for its benefits. Buy Retino-a-cream onlinefrom our drug store at reasonable price and enjoy lively and glowing skin.

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