Tuesday, 4 July 2017


 Foundation of a happily married life also depends on the sensual moments of couples. For a couple it is important to satisfy each other’s physical need. This is not possible for a man struggling with impotency to give physical satisfaction to his partner during intercourse. Impotency makes a man incapable to achieve hard and stiff erection while making love.

Cenforce is the best possible treatment for those who are facing trouble in erection. Erection trouble can also be named as erectile dysfunctioning (ED). Viagra, penegra, valif, tadagra are also available for reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunctioning in men.

Cenforce shows its activity by Sildenafil citrate which is the primary ingredient of cenforce.  Sildenafil acts as PDE5 enzyme inhibitor. This enzyme degrades cyclic GMP level which is main reason of erection trouble because cGMP triggers nitrous oxide release. Release of nitrous oxide causes vasodilation and maintains level of blood in the penile region resulting hard, rigid penile erection. Sildenafil being PDE5 inhibitor, increases cGMP concentration results in to nitrous oxide release maintains proper blood flow to erection part; stiff erection. 

Cenforce comes in variousconcentrations from 50mg-200mg. one pill is more than enough for one day. Take one tablet of cenforce 30-40 minutes earlier to intimacy sessions and enjoy the super magical effect of medicine for 4-6 hours. 400 mg is the maximum tolerated dose for a day. 

Cenforce is contraindicated
Ø In patients who are allergic to sildenafil citrate.

Ø Cenforce should be avoided in patients of liver or kidney.
Ø Driving could be dangerous after ingestion of cenforce.
Ø Male patients under 18 years should maintain distance from cenforce.
Ø Grape fruit products can decrease drug’s potency so do not take grapefruits.
Ø Combination of nitrate containing drugs with cenforce can cause undesirable effects, avoid these.
Ø Avoid fat containing diet while using cenforce.
Ø Cenforce should not be consumed by female patients.

While using cenforce patient can feel one of these side effects like drowsiness, chest pain, fatigue, muscle pain, cold, vertigo, blurred vision, pain in erection sometimes.
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