Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cenforce 200mg helps you in giving your best during sensual love relations

Sensual love is as necessary for healthy relationships as any other thing. Without love and romance, life becomes boring and unhappy. At the middle of age some men comes with an  disorder of erectile dysfunctioning which means they are not capable of achieving erection during sex to satisfy their partner. Now this problem affects men of every age group. 

Factors which are responsible for erection problem are:
Life style: habits of drinking alcohol or excessive use of cigarettes. Junk food which invites obesity and diabetes etc. sometimes depression, work pressure, fatigue, relationship issues, masturbation also becomes a reason for this disorder.
Medical treatment:  cenforce pills are the method of choice and also cost effective treatment or erectile dysfunctioning. Use of cenforce fills more energy and romance to your sensual life. This is quality approved product for its excellent results.

It contains sildenafil citrate which plays major role in managing erection disorders. It acts by inhibiting PDE5 enzyme which blocks blood supply to the male reproductive organ by degrading cGMP and nitric oxide level.  cGMP triggers release of nitric oxide which regulates blood flow to penile region during sex arousal. Adequate supply of blood to the penile organ results in hard and rigid erection.

Consume one pill of cenforce 200mg orally thirty minutes before getting physically involved. Get ready to enjoy more romance 30-40 minutes after intake of pill. Not more than one dose should be consumed in a single day. Effects of this medicine last for 4-6 hours.

One can expect drowsiness, painful erection, headache, pain in whole body, hazy vision, and vertigo with the use of cenforce pills.
«  If the patient has allergy to the generic Sildenadil, the consumption of drug should be avoided.

«  Avoid driving and intake of grapefruit and its juices.
«  Avoid smoking and alcohol along with cenforce.
«  The use of the medication is avoided in case of kidney and liver disease patients.
«  The drug is avoided in male patients under the age of 18 years.
«  The drug which belongs to the class of PDE type-5 inhibitors should not be used along with cenforce.

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