Monday, 17 July 2017

Bimatoprost helps in promoting eyelashes growth

Long and fuller set of eyelashes gives a seductive and fabulous and attractive looks to a person. That’s why every woman dreams to have thick, long and dark set of eyelashes. Beautiful eyelashes can bring out charm in a person. All the time it’s not possible to use mascara and wear eyelashes extensions as all these procedures are time and money consuming.

If you are fed up with use of cosmetic products and want to grow lashes naturally then you can use Bimatoprost. 0.03% of solution of Bimatoprost is prescribed for growing eyelashes naturally. It promotes eyelashes growth in a natural manner.

Bimatoprost stimulates follicle growth because it is a chemic
al derivative of prostaglandin. Prostaglandins involve in the growth of lash hairs. Bimatoprost bind to its receptors and increase the time for which a follicle remains in growth phase (
anagen phase) and reduce the timings of resting period (telophase) of hair follicle thus providing long and natural pair of eyelashes.

Firstly clean your eye area and remove make up and contact lens if applied. Wait till complete drying of eyes. Take out small amount of bimatoprost solution on the sterile applicator and apply on the upper eyelid’s side in a single stroke. Likewise apply in second eye also. For 2-3 minutes close both the eyes. If bimatoprost is applied at bed time, it will show 100% results. Open your eyes after 2-3 minutes and one can reinsert eye lens after half an hour if needed.

Use this product for 5-6 months regularly and once you get desired looks of eyelashes, gradually decrease frequency of usage.

¨      Bimatoprost never be used in patients of eye infection or eye inflammation.

¨      Pregnant and breast feeding moms should not apply bimatoprost. 

¨      In case of allergy from bimatoprost, use of this product is prohibited.

¨      Keep this medication away from children.

¨      Patients of liver and kidney should not use this product.


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