Friday, 7 July 2017

Bimatoprost first line solution of thick and curly eyelashess

Large population of women spends in arterficial eyelashes and buys mascara just to enhance appearance of their eyelashes longer and thicker. While use of these cosmetic products may give them that gorgeous look for some time but in long run, they tend to do more harm. And also the process of using eyelashes extensions is not easy at all. It requires help of saloon professionals.

Before going to invest in this treatment, you should determine to grow lash hairs in a different way. For those who are fed up of using mascara and artificial eyelashes, bimatoprost is one word solution which provides thick, long and fuller eyelashes.

Bimatoprost (0.03%) solution is an USFDA approved formulation that belongs to the class of Prostaglandin derivative. it works by stimulating the prostamide receptor; these receptors are involved in the growth and development of long, thick and stuffy eyelashes. Bimatoprost increase the time for which hair follicle remains in growth phase and decrease its resting phase time. This ophthalmic preparation is found to be more effective in treatment of glaucoma by decreasing the intra-ocular pressure.

a)     Wash your hands and face properly with water.
b)    Gently remove the cosmetic product if any, is applied in eyes or face.
c)     Also remove the Eye lens before applying bimatoprost solution.
d)    Clean the applicator brush to avoid any contamination.
e)     Put a drop of bimatoprost serum on brush and then apply it on eyelid line in one stroke. Also apply this serum in other eye and close your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
f)      Close both the eyes for 10-15 minutes.
g)     Excess of Bimatoprost serum should soaked with tissue paper.
h)    for effective results, use this serum at night time
Results in hair growth will be seen within 2-3 weeks. Apply this product regularly and decrease its usage when you get desired features of lash hairs.
·        It should not be used in combination of other ophthalmic preparation without doctor prescription.
·        Lactating and pregnant ladies should avoid using bimatoprost.
·        If the user finds allergy with Bimatoprost, then she should avoid using it.
·        Always take precautions while using Bimatoprost as it can cause unwanted hair growth if it comes in contact with other parts.
Some mild side effects associated with use of bimatoprost are headache, itching in eyes, dizziness, pigmentation of iris, temporary blurred vision inflammation, redness in eye.
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