Friday, 28 July 2017

Beat your unplanned pregnancy with RU-486

Are you wondering for a safe and reliable method to dumb your pregnancy? If you are in early phase of pregnancy and confirmed that your pregnancy is not ectopic then you can use RU -486, safest and genuine method of termination of early unwanted pregnancy. Undesired pregnancy can easily be concluded by using RU-486.
Use of RU-486 for effective abortion has become popular day by day because of its excellent performance. RU comprised of generic FDA approved medicine named Mifepristone which is primarily deals with abortion process.
ne is anti-progesterone type of drug. It shows its activity by blocking the actions of progesterone. Female hormone progesterone supports pregnancy by modifying the uterine lining. It thickens the endometrium linings so that it can protect growing embryo and can also provide nutrition to the fetus. As mifepristone binds to progesterone receptor, it will reduce the available concentration of progesterone to perform its function. In the absence of progesterone, uterine lining begins to shed and cervix becomes more soften and enlarge. Fetus can’t grow more due to absence of uterine wall and becomes dead.
 One pack of RU-486 contains three pills of mifepristone (200mg).  Patient should take all the three pills with sufficient water while starting abortion process. Vaginal bleeding will occur within some time. After 2-3 days patient must go to doctor for medical examination by ultrasound to ensure that no more dead tissue contents are present in the womb.
In case bleeding not occurs, take two pills of misoprostol (200mcg) orally or intravaginally. After 14 days patient should revisit to doctor for taking final confirmation of expulsion of pregnancy material by doing ultrasonography.
Unwanted effects of RU -486 are heavy vaginal bleeding, painful abdominal cramps, Faintness, weakness and fatigue etc.

ü Don’t use RU in case of hypersensitivity from mifepristone.
ü Avoid uplifting of heavy materials and other physical work.
ü Take healthy and nutritious diet to get more healthy and fit.
ü Sexual activity and alcohol intake should be avoided for some time after getting abortion done.
ü Take extra precaution if you are under 18 or above 35 years of age.

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