Monday, 17 July 2017

Approach to Careprost serum for long and strong eyelashes

Most of us take our eyelashes for granted in spite of fact that without a set of fuller and longer eyelashes, eye can’t look perfect. So we should also put some efforts in growing long and dark lash hairs without giving artificial looks to them because natural is natural. No cosmetic product can compete with natural long and dark eyelashes.

For making your eyelashes curly, heavy and dark use Careprost atleast once. Careprost can promote the growth of thick, dark and curly eyelashes. Careprost is 0.03% solution of bimatoprost which is FDA approved ophthalmic product. Careprost can also reduce intraocular pressure of eye.

Bimatoprost augments lash hair growth by getting attached to prostaglandin’s receptor. Bimatoprost is a synthetic derivative of prostaglandin, mimics its actions. It stimulates hair follicle growth by increasing its growth phase time. If the follicle will remains more time in growth phase its growth will be enhanced resulting in long, dark and dense eyelashes.

How to use Careprost:
a)     Clean eye area properly and remove all the makeup and eye lens also if you use that.
b)    To avoid risk of contamination, wash and then use applicator brush which comes with Careprost solution.
c)     Take out a little pinch of solution on the applicator and apply over the upper eyelid’s line smoothly in a single stroke.
d)    Do the same procedure in the second eye also and close both the eyes for 2-3 minutes. If the product is used before sleep it will be better absorbed and give better results.
e)     Soak excess of solution with tissue paper or cotton swap. Apply this product on same time every day and wait for results. Effects will be seen within 4-6 weeks of use. Once your requirements of eyelashes fulfills, reduce its dosage.
Headache, itching in eyes, dizziness, pigmentation around the eyelid, inflammation, redness in eye, blurred vision are possible side effects of bimatoprost.

Noteworthy information about Careprost:
·         Avoid using Careprost during pregnancy and breast feeding time period.
·           Do not use bimatoprost, if you have ever done with eye surgery.
·          Liver, kidney patients should avoid use of bimatoprost.
·         It’s not better safe to use Careprost if user have allergy with bimatoprost or other ingredient.
·         If user is suffering from temporary eye infection, stop using Careprost and start again treatment with Careprost after doctor’s consultation.

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