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Melacare cream is used to manage acne problem. It helps in improving the skin colour,dark pigmentation and acne scars. The cream helps to reduce dark spots and pimples. Melacare cream is also popular in the treatment of wrinkles and infection and inflammation of skin.

Mechanism of action:
There are three main active ingredients in melacare-cream-4-fast-delivery tretinoin 0.025%, mometasone furoate0.1%w/w and hydroquinone 2%w/w. The medicine inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which triggers melanin synthesis. Melanin is a component that enhances the dark coloration of the skin. The activity of melacare cream results in removing the sign of skin pigmentation. Mometasone furoate present in the melacare-cream-4-helps in reducing the inflammation, itching and redness of the skin.

How to take:
Hands and the area of the skin where the cream is to be applied should be washed properly before applying the cream. The cream should be applied to the affected area once in a day and preferably at night. Let the cream remain in the face overnight. At the time of morning, the cream should be removed with a mild cleanser.

In some conditions, melacare cream 4 fast delivery is contraindicated-
·        If the patient is allergic to the active ingredient of the cream.
·        Use of the cream is contraindicated to the pregnant and nursing mothers.
·        It is also contraindicated in infants and newborns.

Side effects:
Burning sensation, itching at the application site, skin irritation, skin rashes and redness, inhalation problem, problem in swallowing and swelling of the lips and face are some side effects that can be seen with the use of melacare cream 4.

Missed dose:
If you have missed any dose of the cream, it should be taken as soon as remember. If it is the time of next dose, missed dose is forgotten and daily schedule should be followed.

The medicine is used topically, so there are less chances of overdosing.

Safety measures:

Consider following points while using melacare cream 4 fast delivery as precautionary steps.
·        Melacare cream should not be applied to the damaged area of skin.
·        Avoid sun exposure while using melacare cream 4.
·        Other skin products that contains alcohol or citric content should not be used along with melacare cream, irritation may occur.
·        Avoid the direct contact of the cream with the eyes or mouth.
·        While applying this cream, skin should not be exposed to the extreme weather conditions like cold.

Melacare-cream-4-fast-deliveryshould be stored at room temperature and well protected from light, heat and moisture.

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