Friday, 30 June 2017

Buy RU-486 online for termination of unwanted pregnancy

 You got conceived and you are not happy as you have not planned for it because it’s not the right time for having a kid as you are not mentally and financially prepared. You talked to your partner and both of have decided for termination of pregnancy. If you are less than 9 weeks pregnant then you can effectively terminate your pregnancy by taking oral abortion pills which is called as medical method of abortion. In that case RU 486 will surely suit you. It will remove your pregnancy in a safe, secure and in a risk free way.

RU -486 is a popular name used to terminate pregnancy of less than 63 days. RU -486 has got FDA approval because of its best performance and high scoring among all contraceptives. Major part of RU-486 is mifepristone which of course plays a key role in abortion process. As mifepristone belongs to a class of anti progesterone drug, it exhibits its actions by blocking progesterone actions. Progesterone is helpful in the growth and development of fetus as it maintains the uterine line which is required for safe growth of baby. Mifepristone inhibits this activity of progesterone; uterine lining shed off, fetus becomes unsafe and not able to grow further.

For abortion process, consume three pills of mifepristone on first day and wait for abdominal cramps and menstrual bleeding. After 3-4 days of discharge, go to doctor to ensure about complete abortion by ultrasound.

If bleeding didn’t start after taking mifepristone, it is advised to take two pills of misoprostol (200mcg). Revisit the doctor for final confirmation of abortion after 3-4 days. 

RU -486 is very safe to use but like every product it also have some harmful effects includes nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, back pain.

·         RU-486 is not recommended in case of ectopic pregnancy. This is effective within 63 days of pregnancy.
·          Avoid using RU-486 in case of anaemia, bleeding disorders, and heart and kidney diseases.
·          Alcohol intake should be avoided while using RU-486.
·         If IUD is placed then it is advisable to remove that before using RU-486.
·          Breastfeeding mothers should avoid usage of RU-486.

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