Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Boost up your sensual power with cenforce 150mg

Cenforce pills are prescribed as the first treatment for erectile dysfunctioning. Cenforce like quick action provides instant improvement in sexual performance this treatment comes with many benefits for your love life. This is used to boost erection and make healthy sexual intercourse possible. You can buy this wonder product without prescription also.
The chemical component of cenforce is sildenafil citrate which regulates the blood flow continuously in male sexual organ. It helps in scoring penetration with a power to complete intercourse satisfactorily. Cenforce 150 mg contains generic Sildenadil as an active chemical ingredient. Sildenadil is a PDE type 5 inhibitor acts as a vasodilator and clears out the entire blockage in the blood vessel and arteries, and enhance the blood supply in the penile region results stiffer erection, which is long enough to get the pleasure of intimacy sessions.
Men with penile erection related issues should take a single tablet of Cenforce 150mg, 30 minutes before of getting intimate. The exact concentration of drug depends on the tolerance power of individual. Results can be seen within half an hour of consuming the medicine. Effects of the drug last for 4-5 hours. Maximum tolerated dose of cenforce is 200mg and there should be a minimum gap of 24 hours between two doses.
Temporary loss of vision, low blood pressure, chest pain and back pain, vertigo, dizziness, flushing, headache is some undesirable effects of cenforce.

Things to remember about cenforce:
§  Cenforce should be avoided with grapefruit product; as the combination decreases the efficiency of drug.
§  Stop taking cenforce in case of peptic ulcers.
§  Do not take in combination with nitrates it results in a severe drop in blood pressure along with nausea, vomiting.
§  Not meant for female use.
§  Don’t take fat rich diet along with this drug, as the fat content delay the absorption of Cenforce in the body.
§  Avoid in case of allergy from sildenadil or other constituent of cenforce.

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