Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Forgot all about muscle pain in couple of minutes with prosoma

Pain  can not be defined in words its a  distressing feeling one can experience. Pain is often caused by intense or damaging stimuli,this feeling of pain  triggered in the nervous system.Pain is classified as acute or short acting and chronic or long lasting  pain. Muscle pain is the most common form of pain, As muscles exist in every body part therefore our whole body becomes vulnerable to muscle pain.It is not possible to go to doctor all the time for muscle pain.One of the potent and effective muscle relaxant is prosoma.Prosoma is a  powerful and safest drug which removes muscle pain in couple of minutes.

How prosoma manages muscle pain:
 Carisoprodol is a main activel compound  present in prosoma.l which gets converted into its active metabolite, meprobamate. exhibits its action by blocking the pain sensation from  the nerve cell of the brain, resulting in giving relief from  the distressing feeling of pain.
Prosoma is approved from FDA in April 1959. Therefore, it is widely demanded as powerful muscle relaxlant drug. It is  also helpful  to treat muscle sprain. 

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Dosage regimen:
Patient  should take dose of 350mg three times in a day and consume one in the night time. It should be administered orally along with sufficient amount of water.  This tablet can be taken with or without food orally, but is prefferable to take this pill without food as food can reduces effect of medicine. Prosoma should not be used for long time.The dose should not exceed 1400 mg in a day

Side effects:
Depression,Weakness,Irritation,irregular heartbeat,Stomach upsetsVomiting, Shortness of breath,burning sensation.

Preventive measures:
·         prosoma should not be taken in  case of allergy with carisoprodol.
·        The medicine should only be used if recommended by the doctor in case of pregnancy and breast feeding.

 ·        Never stop using this medicine suddenly without consulting to the doctor as it might leads to withdrawal symptoms.

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