Thursday, 20 April 2017

Eye Lashes can be more appealing by using Careprost with brush

Eyes are the major beauty imparting part of the face which looks great when having managed eye brows and darker and thicker eye lashes. Generally, hairs of eye lashes found less, to overcome the problem, people generally use artificial eyelashes. But sometimes the use of artificial eyelashes does not give proper satisfaction, so Careprost with brush can be used.
Beautiful eyes impart attractive facial features. And beauty of eyes can be enhanced by beautiful, denser, thicker eye lashes which can be the result of use of Careprost Eye Drop. Careprost Eye Drop is a disease used to treat Hypotrichosis condition of an eye and make the eyelashes more visible. Hypotrichosis is a disease in which hairs of eyelashes of human eye becomes very short.
The active component found in the Careprost (with brush) eye drop is Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is also employed to overcome the indications of glaucoma as well as intraocular hypertension. The glaucoma is an eye disorder in which intraocular pressure is increased inside the eyes. This elevated pressure is very harmful for optic nerves of an eye, due to high pressure within the eyes, the chances of damaging of the optic nerve and it may lead to the loss of vision.
Careprost Eye drops can be purchased online for getting good and positive results within few weeks.
Steps to be followed while applying Careprost eye drop –
·        The medication bottle should be shaken well before use.
·        Remove the eye makeup and contact lens before application of eye drop.
·        One drop of eye medication is dropped on sterile applicator and draw a line along the margin of the upper eyelid.
·        The extra liquid should be wipe out since it can result in undesirable hair growth.
·        The eyes should be closed for 2 to 3 minutes after use of eye drop.
·        The drops should be applied at night time.
·        The drops should be used continuously for 12-16 weeks to get the desired result.

·        Before using eye drop, the contact lenses should be removed because this eye drop decolorizes the actual color of lens.
·        In case of infections, cataract, eye edema, there is no need to use the eye drop.
·        If the patient is hypersensitive to generic Bimatoprost, the eye drop should not be applied.
·        Under 18 years of age people should avoid the use of eye drop.
·        Excess amount of liquid should not be applied; it may cause unwanted hair growth.
·        In case of eye surgery, this drop should not be applied.
·        The tip of applicator should not be touched with hands; contamination should be avoided.

For getting thicker eyelashes, Careprost eyelash enhancer can be applied without any terror. This eye drop can be easily purchased from our pharmacy drug store. The eye drop provides effective results within few weeks. To get most effective result, the medication should be applied without any gap.

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